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The strategic direction for the company can be the leverage that takes you from average to above average. Defining the company vision, mission and values are all tools that help employees understand their role and how they can support your company. Strategic Planning is a tool that helps focus efforts on the right activities to grow your business. Companies that develop Strategic Plans and Operational Plans see increases in sales volume, increases in net income, and increases in employee engagement. We facilitate Strategic Planning sessions, develop Strategic Plans, and write Business/Operational Plans with measurable goals and targets. Let us help you grow your business.

Human Resources Strategy

A Human Resources strategy that is tied to the strategic direction, goals and objectives of the company will ensure that you have the human capacity and capability to meet the goals, as well as the proper systems to support your employees and your business.   An HR Strategy plans out the necessary requirements for staff, changes to the work environment, compensation policies, retention plans, and culture issues.  The results support a cohesive approach to selecting the right priorities that will ensure you have the people, the work environment, the capacity and the leadership to grow your business.

Measuring employee engagement and employee satisfaction are proven ways of ensuring the staff who currently work for your organization continue to stay.  Confidential survey results are summarized and analyzed.  Comparison data can be included in written reports with solid recommendations for improvement.  Annual or bi-annual comparisons enable you to measure changes in the environment and take action to remedy or improve areas of concern.

Organizations often choose questions targeted to learn more about issues they believe may exist in the organization (e.g. harassment, unfair treatment by a supervisor, desire for career growth, training and development, etc.). This will be a collaborative process where we can discuss the questions and how best to have them presented to your employees.  People in Focus Consulting Ltd. will provide the complete survey services by working with you to develop appropriate questions for an employee engagement survey, conducting the administration of the survey tool, collecting the data, analyzing the results, and providing the written report of the results and recommendations to address trends and issues.


As companies grow a practical set of policies and procedures can establish consistency and fairness in your workplace, as well as ensuring that you are meeting legislative requirements.   People in Focus Consulting can produce realistic policies with proper explanation so that supervisory staff understand the how to apply and employees understand the benefits of working for your company.

A comprehensive list of potential policies will be provided and discussed with you. Call Susan to discuss your needs.

Job Descriptions

Job descriptions are the foundation for many functions within an organization from recruitment and selection to training and compensation to performance appraisals. Solid job descriptions give a clear understanding to employees of their responsibilities and the expectations of the company and provide the necessary link to performance management. People in Focus can build job descriptions or provide the guidance to help your employees develop their own.


Job Classification

As jobs change, as the external market changes or as new jobs are added to an organization there becomes a greater need to classify jobs and fit them all within one structured system to ensure that people are being compensated fairly. Fair compensation is the cornerstone of fairness and employee satisfaction. Job classification is a way to group jobs with similar levels of responsibilities or difficulty in skill together so that jobs can then be ranked in order to determine the pay rate ranges for all jobs across an organization in a fair and consistent manner.


Organizational Design

If your organization is suffering from conflict, duplication of effort or other inefficiencies, you may benefit by going through an Organizational Design process. People In Focus Consulting has the ability to recognize and repair organizational challenges. Our experience and abilities help us identify contradictory processes and help implement the proper course of action.

Interviewing Skills for Employers

A good interview is the opportunity to assess applicants to select the best candidate for a job.  A poor interview can lead to legal problems, poor hires and can damage the company reputation.   People in Focus will help you improve your interviews as well as train your staff to conduct excellent interviews and build their confidence to make good hiring decisions. We will help you design a solid interview process including questions, a realistic job preview and assessment tools to reduce hiring errors.

With the number of retiring baby boomers reaching its peak, organizations need a strategy to retain the knowledge and expertise that makes your company successful. Succession Management is a structured process that plans for the development and replacement of key employees over a period of time. People in Focus can help you identify your key positions and strategies to help stop the brain drain.

Succession Management will incorporate the appropriate steps for your business to:

  • Determine which competencies are required for senior positions
  • Identify key positions, replacement challenges, technical expertise, geographic location and other factors for attraction and retention
  • Identify high potential employees
  • Construct a course of action linked to the business strategy for a comprehensive program that may include (mentoring programs, access to materials to support learning, developmental assignments and projects, learning networks and career paths for progression
  • Ensure HR programs and processes support Succession Management
  • Encourage and support individual advancement
  • Build a culture that supports Succession Management
People in Focus has the ability to work with you and your management team to find solutions for day-to-day issues.  Making sure you deal properly with employee concerns, discipline, communication issues or performance expectations is a key step in a productive workplace.  We can help you with:

  • On-call employee relations advice and guidance to resolve difficult situations
  • Written documentation to deliver to employees
  • Suggestions and approaches for handling difficult conversations
  • Understanding of employment standards and workplace health and safety legislation

Call us and we will help you build a positive work environment through training, coaching and on-call advice.